Food Diary Analysis

Eat well - Food Diary Analysis - Elena Duffin - Personal Trainer Exeter

We all have habits. They’re an important part of getting through each day. Brushing your teeth, showering, housework; chances are you do these tasks in exactly the same way each time. This frees up your mind for other tasks but can also cause us problems when we develop habits that do not serve our long term goals.

For many, food is not something they are particularly mindful of and they eat what they eat out of long established habit. Completing a food diary for the week will allow me to provide you with guidance on changes you may want to think about making. It is also a great way to consciously see what supportive eating habits you already have in place.

A food diary analysis is such a good idea, whatever level you are at. If you’re new to active health and fitness, this is a brilliant start to shaping your future. If you’re already an active person, checking your food intake can really help you loose weight or gain mass or increase endurance.

The Food Diary Analysis consists of:

  • Consultation via email or in person
  • A food diary template for you to complete during the week
  • Guidance notes on how to complete the diary
  • Analysis of your diary and food intake
  • Advise on changing unwanted habits
  • Guidance on how to eat better

The Food Diary Analysis costs just £50.